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After you log into the site, either as a new member or an existing member, you will see a row of red tabs at the top of the screen. You will be directed to your personal account page.

red tabs

Click "Stop Junk Mail" to get started. Enter your search criteria and press the "Search" button. This will return a list of catalogs or direct mail pieces, depending on your search criteria. If you do not see your desired results, widen your search by using a partial name search. If your catalog is not in our database, click on the "Can't find your publication?...click here!" link to make a junk mail suggestion.

Results of junk mail search

To add catalogs and/or direct mail pieces to your stop list, click the "add" link next to the publication name in the search results. When you click "add", a new window will appear, prompting you to enter the relative information for that publication.

Add relative information for chosen publication

At any time you may edit or delete a selected publication by clicking the "edit" or "delete" link to the left of that publication in your stop list. Deleting the item will remove it from your stop list and it will not be processed for a stop.

edit or delete your publication

When you have completed entering your catalogs and/or direct mail pieces into your stop list, click the "Next" button to continue with your stop request(s).

Review the items you have elected to stop and read the terms presented on the screen. When you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, click the checkbox indicating that you have agreed to the terms and click "Submit". Please, only click submit once, processing your request may take a moment.

terms screen

Once you have reached the confirmation screen, review your request and click "Finish"

Choosing Household Members and/or Employees

From the red tabs at the top of the screen, click "Household/Employees". From here, you may add a new household member or employee (junk mail recipient) by adding the recipients name in the field and clicking "Add". Be sure to add the recipients name exactly as it appears on the label on the junk mail. You may need to add different variations of the recipients name for each junk mail item (example: "William Smith", and "William A. Smith"). You may delete a recipient at any time by clicking the delete button to the left of the name.

household members
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