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Stopthejunkmail.com is owned by a young family in Boulder, Colorado. Bill and Margot Brown have 2 young children and moved to Colorado from the East Coast to pursue a healthier and less stressful lifestyle. They wanted to surround themselves with an environment which was more conducive to bringing up a young family. Boulder Colorado, is a wonderful family oriented town with great schools and the best the Rocky Mountains have to offer in outdoor sports and recreation, a perfect match. Bill is from a small New Jersey town, Mountain Lakes and Margot is from Queenstown, a small country town in New Zealand. We were attracted to Boulder for many reasons, but it doesn't matter where you go junk mail always follows you! It hunts you down, it begins as a small trickle then picks up momentum like a virus until you can't you need some medicine to make it better.

In the beginning we were personally receiving countless catalogs and Direct Mails mailers each week and were appalled at the waste of paper when tossing unwanted catalogs in the recycling bin. What about all the other households that have the same problem and the terrible waste of trees and paper to produce thousands and thousands of unwanted catalogs? What can you do except send them back to the cataloger or toss them in the bin? How could we do out part to help the environment? We are not activists at all but feel deeply about saving the earth and being able to bring our kids up in a better environment and be able to "Breath Fresh Air"! Most of all as a family we enjoy being outside, skiing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, running, playing soccer or even having a BBQ. How can we do this in the future when our resources are being so frustratingly wasted?! And what about our Privacy? Think of all those companies who had our personal information without our knowledge.

We thought why not stop filling up the recycling bins altogether by not receiving them in the first place? We also used to receive countless telemarketing phone calls but with the implementation of the 'No Call' lists this is something we achieved easily. We started calling and writing to each junk mailer individually and were asking to be removed from their mailing lists. A very time consuming process and quite often not received very well or we could not find the right department to speak with. Basically we would get the run around. We were confused as to why they were not interested in saving money sending out mail that would be ultimately thrown away.

As we went along we learned more and more about the process. For instance the USPS in the biggest offender of junk mail and actually employs Direct Mailers to produce local mailings for a particular district! Over 50% of the USPS income is due to junk mail! We also discovered that companies such as Experian and Equifax sell your name and address to many different credit card companies. The task to eliminate junk mail is a huge and very time consuming undertaking. Additionally there is the problem of a catalog company buying or renting a mailing list off another 3rd party, this is detailed in the address label on each item by the Source Code and Key Codes. How intricate and wide reaching is this business? We learned that catalogers bulk mail Xmas catalogs around September so even if you get off a mailing list you will still receive mail well after the fact sometimes for up to 3 months more. Direct Mail companies obviously obtain your personal information very easily but it takes months to remove yourself, even if you use a service.

So we wondered if there was an automated service that could do all of this and started to research the online web based companies. We found Stopthejunkmail.com which happened to be local to our area, even better! We signed up for stjm.com and started the process of eliminating our postal junk mail. As we started to use the product we received an email from the owner in August 2001, Michael Kranitz, with regards to selling the business and jumped on to the wagon immediately as we loved his product, it was a perfect fit!

Harman Research Inc.

Stopthejunkmail.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harman Research Inc, an Information Technology Consulting Services company that worked with such companies as Andersen Consulting, Cigna, Comcast Cellular, Advanta Business Services, IBM, Group1 Software, Computer Associates and RHI consulting. Today we continue to supply computer-consulting services to mostly small businesses.

In September of 2001 Harman Research acquired StopTheJunkMail.com.

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