Voice Your Views About Junk Mail

In order to truly cause change in the behavior of companies that engage in direct marketing, we have developed an anonymous, 11-question survey. We intend to compile the anonymous feedback of our customers into generalized reports to assist direct mail and catalog companies in becoming more efficient in their practices.

We hope you will take just a moment to help us effectuate positive changes for our environment.

1. Select ALL THAT APPLY to you
 I receive too much unsolicited mail.
 I wouldn't mind direct mail, if I just had more control over what I get.
 I don't mind most direct mail.
 I believe direct mail has a negative effect on the environment.
2. Every week I receive approximately catalogs in the mail.
3. I immediately throw out, as junk mail, approximately of the mail I receive each day from the US Postal Service.
4. Generally, I keep catalogs around for
5. I would like to see my favorite catalogs come
6. Regarding mail order catalogs, select ALL THAT APPLY
 I think special or sale editions of catalogs are a waste because not enough has changed since the last catalog.
 I would rather receive specific catalogs only once or twice a year, with updates to me via email.
 Instead of receiving any catalogs, I would rather shop online.
7. Regarding fundraising solicitations, select ALL THAT APPLY
 I receive too many different fundraising letters by mail.
 I have my favorite charities and I don't vary them based on mail solicitations.
 Charities (including the ones I like) send solicitations too often.
 I do not use the free gifts (e.g. postcards, return address labels, calendars) sent by charities.
 Using free gifts from charities has no influence on whether or not I donate.
 Using free gifts from charities usually compels me to donate to that charity.
8. I believe the worst offenders of direct mail are
 Banks/Credit Cards
 Catalog Companies
 Insurance Companies
9. If you have ever ordered a product from a catalog, CHECK ALL THAT APPLY
 I did NOT know that the company might sell or rent my name to another company.
 If offered the opportunity when ordering, I would have refused permission to sell/rent my name.
 I don't mind when companies I order from sell/rent my name to other companies they believe will offer products I might like.
10. How old are you?
11. Annual household income
12. Add any comments you have about direct mail
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