The StopTheJunkMail.com Guarantee
StopTheJunkMail.com has been successfully stopping postal junk mail since 2001. And in that time we have learned a great deal about how publications use your name and address throughout the industry. We are continually improving our process and our service in order to empower you to eliminate your postal junk mail.

Our 100% guarantee ensures that if for any reason you are not fully satisfied with our performance you can at any time request a refund.

Credit Card

My submission of the credit card payment form serves as my agreement to the terms and conditions of this site.  I understand that in using this site to stop unwanted mail, the software will generate, in lieu of a hand-signed letter, an electronic notice for me (or the designated member of my household) to be removed from each selected bulk mail marketer I select.  I understand that this software will generate written requests for the recipient bulk mail marketers to discontinue unwanted solicitation, via United States Postal mail, in the form of the catalogs and other direct marketing mail. 

I understand that with respect to the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service (listed on the site), I could submit a letter, via US Mail, to them at a charge of $1, to be placed on the MPS's "Delete" list, which is made available to subscribing companies four times a year.  The MPS delete list is general in nature.

I understand that the companies publishing the unsolicited mail I have requested be stopped may re-commence sending solicitations if I request such materials, patronize the advertised service or if I purchase merchandise from such vendors after the notice date.

I understand and agree that Harman Research, Inc. makes no warranty, express or implied, other than that its software will generate the notices I request and provide for their delivery to the marketers I select when I submit requests from stopthejunkmail.com. In all events, the liability of Harman Research, Inc. to any customer of StopTheJunkMail.com shall be limited to $19.95.

I understand that it several mail cycles may elapse before the items I have requested be stopped are discontinued.  In the event that I am still receiving such unwanted mail after 75 days following my request, I may return to my personal account at StopTheJunkMail.com and issue a "Second Notice" at no charge.

New Publication Suggestions

We understand that some Organizations choose not to reveal there identities on their Direct Mail.  We cannot track and verify them without a way to validate the existence via Phone Number, Fax Number, Email or a Web Site.  As such we require at least one of these fields.

I understand that my membership may be suspended without further notice if I send stopthejunkmail.com Customer Service new suggestions without required fields or supply intentionally invalid information in any of the said required fields.

Termination for Misuse

In order to provide service to you, we MUST maintain a credible relationship with the catalog companies and mass marketers. Sending out a stoppage request to a company that does not have you on their list does nothing for you and destroys the service for others.
For this critical reason, we will terminate (without refund) any member's account if we find abuse of our system.

We apologize for the repeated warnings on this, but a number of users simply ignored smaller warnings we posted and sent stop notices to hundreds of catalogs and mail companies from which they were not receiving mail. We need your cooperation to maintain a good service at a good price.

If you have items on your list that need to be removed, use your browser's BACK button and remove them from the selection screen.

I understand that my membership may be terminated without further notice if I send stop requests to companies or organizations from which I am not currently receiving unwanted mail.
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